Brand New Mattress Spring

“Wilma, I’m home!”

“That’s nice, Fred. How was your day at the quarry?”

“Hot, sweaty and lonely. Let’s send the kids to the neighbors, order takeout and get as wild as two horny pterodactyls,” Fred offered, as he grabbed Wilma’s pert little butt and nibbled on her ear.
dinosaur photos

“Ain’t gonna happen, bronto boy. First, you stink worse than a stegosaurus boiling in a sulfur pit,” Wilma pointed out. “Second, our bed is a slab of granite rock. Third, since Kenny G won’t be born for another one and a half million years, there’s no music to get me in the mood.” 
Then she turned deadly serious for the last reason. “Fourth, and please listen very carefully this time so I don’t have to keep repeating myself – YOU DON’T HAVE A PENIS! Have you checked under your saber-tooth tiger skin smock, like I told you to? You haven’t, have you? You got nothing! Your illustrator didn’t draw you any dangly parts! You’re a cartoon!”

A single, natural tear formed in Fred’s right eye. “That’s harsh, Honey.  Couldn’t you just complain about having a headache again?”

The bedroom provides a fun, exciting and entertaining place to romp and play. Writing about it, however, could be dangerous, even deadly. Quite frankly, several male friends advised me to skip this post. But their advice ineffectively disguised their anguish and fear. All husbands worry that some other husband will write about successful and fulfilling bedroom exploits and, in the process, expose their inadequacies. But this angst is misplaced. The odds of your wife reading this blog are 17,569,038 to 1. As I mentioned during an initial post, most women who read this blog’s title will stop and conclude that the author is just another self-absorbed man.

So relax. Even if your wife reads this post, all she’ll discover is that you borrowed sex ideas from another man. And she’ll love you more for reading and investing in your relationship instead of watching ESPN9 or scratching yourself. What’s the worst that could happen? She shares the news with the wife of one of your neighborhood poker buddies. He in turn blurts it out during a hand of Texas Hang Em. The table of guys laughs at your expense. You lose concentration and $276.50 during just that one hand, along with all of your humility and most of your self-worth. But on the flipside, she’ll lock you in the bedroom and ride you like a Harley for a week.

I'll end this first post with a question. How many mattress springs have you obliterated in the past decade? Did you know that Sealy offers a rewards program for every box spring you destroy? So far, I've earned points for a backhoe, two kegs of seasonal amber ale beer, one Black Hawk helicopter and holiday elf-themed satin sheets. You can win great stuff, too. I have confidence in you.

(next post: "Mattress Spring" continued with do’s and don’ts about accessories)

When Harry Met a Terminator, Part Two: “Please Pass the Dots”

Drive-in movie theaterIn my last post, I shared the mastery of quickly distinguishing between a macho man movie and a chick flick.

I also excel at other movie-going strategies. Once a year I guide my wife to the theater’s back row, near the projectionist booth. Then, after the first preview, I’m all over her like a chipmunk on a crouton, once again proving to her that she rocks my world. We most recently stretched out in the last row during the Lego movie.

The act of taking your wife to the movie theater, by itself, may not impress her. Try enhancing the experience with other fine touches. Making out usually carries the day, but on rare occasions it may not be an appropriate activity, such as when you bring along grandchildren or when an oral surgeon removes your wife’s molars earlier in the day. Removal of your molars? Not a problem. Use your judgment or, better yet, ask a female coworker what’s proper and suitable.

When Harry Met a Terminator

Does your wife recoil when a slimy alien creature bursts from inside an astronaut’s stomach? Does she look away from the screen when a cyborg carves an eyeball out of its socket with an Exacto knife? If the answer is “no,” then you’ve won the marriage lottery. Kiss the ground she walks on and smooch every callus, bunion and ingrown toenail you can find. Women like her are extremely rare.

science fiction moviesGoing to the theater or watching a movie at home provides husbands with rare opportunities to prove that they can swing both ways: with a macho man movie or with a chick flick.

A wife expects her husband to wet himself in anticipation of seeing Terminators or 007 on the big screen. But when we demonstrate that we can also appreciate a Nicholas Sparks film or some other feminine faire, we climb another rung on the ladder extending upward to perfection, even if we’re not sincere about our intentions.

Where’s My Recliner, Finale: “Hail to My Hernia”

royal familyLet’s conduct a quick review. “Shopping for furniture is worse than paying for furniture.” Now, let’s add to that axiom, “but nothing is more irritating than moving furniture.” I believe that new furniture should never be moved once it occupies the same floor space for longer than five minutes. And I mean never, except during circumstances involving tornados and lava flows.

A group of guys in my neighborhood chum around together on weekends. We window shop at Home Depot, play poker and hang out at the sanitary landfill. One particular neighbor never joins us – he’s constantly occupied with moving furniture in his home.

“Sorry guys, I gotta move the china hutch on Saturday.” Next weekend, “Crap! I can’t go.  I’m moving a credenza and four book shelves.” The following Saturday, “Sorry guys, I’ll be tied up moving that credenza again plus a secretariat and love seat.” The fact that he knows the proper names for furniture? That’s just plain gross. He occasionally begs one of us to lend him a hand with the really big pieces. We always refuse because saying yes would only enable his self-destructive habit of constantly agreeing to spousal requests. We hopefully provide a positive example by saying “no.” And maybe someday he will aspire to emulate us - every husband needs a role model.